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Bestow 'Welcome To Our World' Brochure

Bestow 'Welcome To Our World' Brochure

We’re so excited to introduce our new Welcome to our World brochures! These beautiful tri-fold brochures offer your clients an overview of the entire range at a glance. If the client is interested in any particular product, the brochure directs them to the appropriate webpage.

This option is far more eco-friendly than the previous brochure which was developing into a mini book! At only 25c, they’re an affordable addition to your client’s retail bag and we hope they will encourage your clients to expand the range of Bestow products they use.

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You may have noticed that our Bestow Beauty Oils are looking a little squashed. We initially thought it was just due to a rough ride during shipping, but after seeing more batches arrive in the same condition, we knew something else was going on. After a thorough investigation, our manufacturers found out that the bottles were being produced with uneven thickness on the walls, which over time causes one side to become indented under atmospheric pressure. To solve this issue, we have decided to go back to using a bottle we have used in the past, but it may take about 3-4 weeks for the new stock to arrive. In the meantime, the oils themselves are perfectly fine, it's just the bottle that may look a little squashed. If you would like to wait for the new bottles, just let Robyn know by leaving a comment in the checkout or calling us straight after you have placed your order on 0800-455-224.