Bestow Blessings Ritual Handout

Bestow Blessings Ritual Handout

Great for clients who:

  • struggle with stress resilience
  • have hit a plateau in their skin journey

So many of our clients come to us with stress in their lives. Here at Bestow we believe that although there is a place for managing the level of stress we experience; it is much easier to change the way we view stress. Instead of focusing entirely on the need to reduce stress (which often makes us more stressed) we believe we can become more stress resilient, seeing that stress can be a positive force in some cases, helping us achieve our goals and desires.

One way we can improve our stress resilience is to focus on those things which are good in our lives, whether it be big or small. A practical way of doing this is through the Bestow Blessings journal. This journal is a place to record things that happen throughout the day that we are grateful for. It could be something as small as the sun streaming in your window or something bigger like recognising the love of a partner. There are no rules, just a repositioning of your heart, soul and mind towards the things in life which bring you joy.

No doubt you can think of clients who are stressed that would benefit from the change this ritual could bring to their lives. Some you can easily recognise because they are often running late, rushing or visibly frazzled. Other clients internalise the stress and you only catch it when you listen very hard to what they say. They can seem nonchalant with comments such as “Most of my time is spent looking after the kids”, or “Work takes up most of my head space”.  These clients may not be outwardly stressed but when you talk to them you may discover they believe this is how life is for them and always will be, so they struggle to see how they can change it.

You may find your client is resistant to this ritual at first. They may feel it is yet another thing they need to do and will add to their stress. It is important that you explain that while it does require 5 minutes of their attention at night (or sometime during the day) the benefits are well worth it! 

When I do my skin coaching with clients suffering from skin disorders, I find the Bestow Blessings Ritual is a tool I keep tucked up my sleeve until they are a fair way into their journey. Coaching someone through a skin health journey invariably has its ups and downs (for both of you). There comes a point in every client’s journey where they feel like their skin has plateaued and they are unable to see any improvement or just generally feel discouraged. It is a waiting game at this point so introduce them to the Bestow Blessings Ritual at this point. This positive daily practice will help them through this difficult stage and help them reach other side with renewed positivity.

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