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Bestow Dry Brushing and Bath Time Ritual Handout

Bestow Dry Brushing and Bath Time Ritual Handout

Great for clients who:

  • want their skin to be the best it can be.
  • struggle with skin disorders.

The Bestow Dry Brushing and Bath Time Ritual is a great way to introduce your clients to a more holistic way of treating their skin. This is especially helpful if your client has previously been focused on the product side of skincare. I have had clients I have introduced to this ritual who have gone on to expand the range of products they are using too 

You will also have dedicated clients who are very committed to having good skin. These clients are usually always keen to try the latest product or ritual you have on offer. Or it may be that they want the skin on their body to be as beautiful as the skin on their face! Introducing them to the Bestow Dry Brushing and Bath Time Ritual is one way they can begin to work on this area. They will find the result is an increased smoothness and softness to their skin. 

Some of you may also have clients you are treating for skin disorders like acne, rosacea, eczema and so on. For many of them the Bestow Dry Brushing and Bath Time Ritual is a great way to introduce them to a lovely relaxing self-care ritual but there are certain things we need to be aware of.

For those clients with acne and congestion, this is a great way to encourage the skin to eliminate toxins however, it should never be done on any area that has a significant amount of acne or would be painful to brush over. They can do the dry brushing on the parts of their body free from acne.

Client’s with inflammatory conditions also need to be wary of dry brushing. Although it can be very beneficial for them to stimulate nourishing blood flow to the skin, it can also be painful if not done correctly. For clients with rosacea dry brushing on their body is fine however they should be aware not to have their bath too hot as this can increase the inflammation they are experiencing on their face. Clients with eczema can dry brush the areas of their skin that are not experiencing any eczema but need to be very aware not to go over any area that is significantly inflamed, cracked or bleeding. Bathing is fine for a client with eczema, they just need to avoid the essential oils, foaming products and soaps. When they get out of the bath, encourage them to gently pat their skin of excess water and immediately apply a supportive moisturiser to lock the precious moisture from the bath into their skin.

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