Bestow Meditation Ritual Handout

Bestow Meditation Ritual Handout

Great for clients who:

  • Are at their wits end (with their skin or anything else in their lives).
  • Want to master the practice of holistic living. 

A meditation practice like the Bestow Meditation Ritual improves our capacity to handle negative emotions and support us by helping us have a clearer, calmer mind. It is an ideal practice for those challenging times when you don’t have all the answers. To be able to help ourselves in this way is a gift. As a holistic skin therapist, you can offer this ritual to your clients and encourage them as they embrace this practice in their lives.

Sometimes in a client’s skincare journey they get to that point when they’re done – over it! I am sure you have all been there yourself or walked alongside a client who has. I find that this is often the client who really struggles with a long-term skin problem or is simply struggling with something else in their lives that they haven’t shared with you. I often get the sense when I see this type of client that they are constantly frustrated about something. You don’t have to have all the answers to their life frustrations or even their skin frustrations, but you can offer them some fabulous tools to use to walk through those tough times in life.

The Bestow Meditation Ritual is one of those tools. It isn’t for the faint hearted and is often kept up my sleeve for moments when a client seems at rock bottom. This ritual not only allows them to be more stress resilient, but it also connects (or reconnects in many cases) them to the wisdom of their body. This is an amazing practice that can really support your client through a time in their life when they may feel they don’t know which way to turn or sense they don’t have all the answers.

The other group of clients I find this helpful for is those, like me, who want to know everything there is about living holistically! They want to own it! I had always thought meditation wasn’t for me until I read a book called ‘Why Mindfulness is Better than Chocolate’ by David Michie. This book opened my eyes to what meditation is really about. I learnt that is wasn’t about spending long lengths of time meditating or never getting distracted. It is the simple practice of being mindful and present in the moment, letting thoughts come and go without judgement. Now I’m not saying I meditate every day for 30 minutes a day (although Janine is known too!) but it is a tool I regularly use in my life when I need it.

Introducing clients to the Bestow Meditation Ritual allows them to discover meditation and mindfulness in a way they haven’t before. This is especially true if they have given up on that aspect of holistic living, thinking they would never be able to achieve it. It is an ancient practice worth giving a go. Your health and skin will thank you for it.

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