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Bestow Rise and Shine Ritual Handout

Bestow Rise and Shine Ritual Handout

Great for clients who:

  • Struggle to wake up in the morning.
  • Have a sluggish digestive system.

Meet the Morning

For those clients who struggle with their sleep and wake times this is a great ritual. Often these clients rely heavily on coffee to help them going in the morning. The practice letting in the morning light helps their body recognise it’s time to get going. Their levels of energy hormones will begin to increase enabling the body to feel more alert naturally.

Lemon Water

The second phase of this ritual is a warm drink of lemon water. Drinking a glass of warm lemon water on rising does many things but most importantly it warns the digestive system that food is on its way. It’s best to have this at least half an hour before eating. I recommend to my clients to have it first thing after meeting the morning and then they can go and get dressed and come back to breakfast.

Lemon water not only great for digestion but it offers an alternative to coffee. Yes, you are right, it is not the same and they will probably roll their eyes at you (as many have done to me). But you will be surprised at how many clients will give it a go and even more surprisingly, how many will stick with it!

Introducing the Ritual

If you think your client will struggle with this two-phase approach, then begin by introducing one then the other. For some clients it’s enough just to get up and let soft morning light enter their eyes first thing. Once this is a habit suggest they start introducing the lemon water. Of course, you will also get those clients who want to start doing both straight away. This is great so let them go for it!

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