Bestow 'Time For Tea' Ritual Handout

Bestow 'Time For Tea' Ritual Handout

Great for clients who:

  • Need to avoid hot chocolate or coffee to heal their skin problems.
  • Need to learn to take time out for themselves.
  • Need to increase their water intake.

We could all do with avoiding hot chocolate and coffee, but I get it – we all deserve a treat! I used to have coffee when I was home with our little girl and it helped me feel like a grown up when all I seemed to do was sing nursery rhymes and play children’s games. Hot chocolates can be similar, a special something to enjoy when out and about or when you are home and feel like indulging. But neither coffee nor hot chocolate (even the healthier versions) are good for our skin.

Clients With Skin Problems

Clients who have either an inflamed and/or congested skin need to avoid both hot chocolate and coffee – to find out more read our blog on heating and congesting foods. This is a tough ask! Recommending a client cut out their daily coffee or hot chocolate often results in being on the receiving end of a deadly stare. There are some clients who will flatly refuse to even try and that’s ok – just remind them they will struggle to get a result with their skin.

For those willing to try giving up these beverages the Bestow time for tea ritual is a great place to start. It allows them to continue the ritual but swaps out what they are drinking for a more skin-friendly option. There are a range of teas available so there should be something to suit every client. For those who are replacing coffee recommend they try the Bestow Luminositea. This tea contains green and white tea so it contains a small amount of caffeine which can help buffer any withdrawal symptoms they may experience. Another option is decaf but it must be decaffeinated using the water method.

I remember scoffing at tea drinkers but when I was introduced to it by a friend, I slowly became hooked. Now I have been a herbal tea drinker for the last 9 years and it is definitely my hot drink of choice. Of course, when I am out at a café, I will sometimes treat myself to a turmeric latte with almond milk but tea is my go to option at home and work.

A Hydrating Option

Herbal tea has proven to be a great way of increasing my water intake for me. The idea of carrying around a 2 litre water bottle all day never appealed to me so including a cup of tea once or twice a day works well as an alternative. This is an easy way to encourage clients who struggle to drink water and is more enticing to those who don’t enjoy the taste of plain water.

Time For Tea, Time For Me

Lastly the Bestow Time For Tea ritual is great for those clients who would benefit from embracing the art of self-care or at bare minimum giving themselves five minutes in the day to just be. I can relate to this too. In the past I would rush through my day with a big to do list and not always look after myself. I truly believed that I only deserved to sit and give myself some time if my to do list was complete and I had nothing pressing to do. This was basically never!

Encourage these types of clients to take just five minutes to themselves with a cup of tea even if there is a huge pile of washing to fold or an important work deadline. It is worth it to recharge.  I’m sure they will grow to appreciate the added peace this brings to their day alongside the benefits of the breathing practice that goes with it.

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